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IMDb: Pride



1984, the Thatcher era against the miners,  against the freedom of being different and against of sexuality beliefs.

Imagine the gay and lesbian community to support financially and mentally the strikes of todays ‘miners’,  it still may look bizarre.

Imagine how difficult was at the 80s, gays and lesbians to offer solidarity to the macho miners who were striking for almost a year.

They didn’t only have to be afraid of the punishment of their sexuality, but also to fight against the conservatism of the straight miners,  so to ally together against the common enemy.

Tofay,  exactly after 30 years,  the movie show us that nothing has changed so much with regards to the power of the politicians and economical system who still try to struggle people’s lifes.

The movie also proves,  how much important is in our days the solidarity among us,  the people.  Stay together and don’t be afraid,  everything could happen to make our lifes better,  to make us feeiling the air of freedom and happiness, feeling PRIDE.

Do not miss it,  a nice cast, a brilliant english humour and of course a soundtrack of new wave and 80’s music.

Score: 9 out of 10

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