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Elections in Greece and France

The Eight of May was the Fête de la Vic­toire in France. It was also the day of François Hollande’s first pub­lic appear­ance as president-elect. The right-wing Le Figaro fea­tured pho­to­graphs of ‘deux pres­id­ents sous l’Arc de Tri­omphe’, in which Sarkozy man­aged to look even more dis­gruntled than usual and Hol­lande looked as if he had just grasped a double-edge sword by the blade. Continue reading

Hey, Germany: You Got a Bailout, Too

Would it surprise you to know that Europe’s taxpayers have provided as much financial support to Germany as they have to Greece?
Θα σας εξέπληττε αν μαθαίνατε, ότι οι φορολογούμενοι της Ευρώπης έχουν παράσχει τόση οικονομική στήριξη στη Γερμανία, όσο και στην Ελλάδα; Continue reading

You need to run a country, to fuck it up so badly

man you should go with a machine gun to Brussels

you think so?

yeah, whack all them EU cunts

not only for EU, and IMF also

we have elections in Greece

well, maybe you should start with your government on the other hand

you need to run a country, to fuck it up so badly

Οι απίστευτες γελοιογραφίες είναι από τον Γιάννη Ιωάννου.

Ο απίστευτος διάλογος είναι με φίλο από τα ξένα.